Thick Buffered Fibers – Field Terminable

090.7392The technical advantages and the intuitive handling of the field-terminable fiber-optic connector FO Field from R&M have already proved themselves in many installation projects. The practical experience and feedback from partners nevertheless gave the R&M development team an incentive to further develop the FO Field.

After a thorough examination of various cable types, the perfect solution was found to be wiring in two phases. With the refined clamping technology of the FO Field 1.1, the pressure on the jacket can be determined more precisely. An additional red plastic clip now closes the strain relief to suit the cable type.

The first wiring phase of the new FO Field is intended for 900 μm buffered fibers. The second phase clamps all other fiber types. The FO Field from R&M is now compatible with all cables available on the market. It is suitable for

  • the fiber types singlemode and multimode as 125/250 μm fibers
  • buffered or compact fibers with 600 to 900 μm cladding
  • cable jackets of 1.4 to 3 mm diameter

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Daniel Eigenmann

By Daniel Eigenmann

Product Manager