More ports, more space, more freedom

The R&M development team has once again achieved a quantum leap in fiber optic cabling technology. Netscale offers the highest port density of all patch panels available on the market with up to 120 ports per height unit in a 19’’ rack. A new benchmark.

More than 5000 ports can now be accommodated in one cabinet. Up to 67 percent more LC ports fit into Netscale patch panels than with conventional platforms. That beats the best solutions known to date by 14 percent. Netscale patch cords with push-pull technology reduce cable volume by 30 % to 56 %. This leaves more space for switches and routers.

The modular construction and the intuitive operation of the trays give users more freedom. Cabling is now faster to retrofit and to adapt to suit new requirements. For example, the migration of LC connections for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10G) to MPO connections for 40G and 100G can take place in a comparatively short time.


Netscale launch at DC World in London




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Dr. Thomas Wellinger

By Dr. Thomas Wellinger

Market Manager Data Center