Complete infrastructure management

R&M is extending R&MinteliPhy, the system for automated infrastructure management (AIM) in the data center and LAN. An RFID reader for mobile data recording at the rack is the latest addition.

090-6388The digital scanner makes it easier to check the connections on site in the computer room. It enables RFID tags on R&MinteliPhy patch cables to be read out without the cables having to be unplugged. The RFID tags on the connectors contain data on the serial number, function etc.

The reader transmits the data to the PC, smartphone or tablet computer via Bluetooth. The information is then available on the R&MinteliPhy server.

Versatile reporting is an integral part of any complete infrastructure management system in the data center. After all, the desired efficiency can only be achieved through 100% visibility. The new reader supports the reporting process. For details on the R&MinteliPhy reporting program, see the article in the customer magazine CONNECTIONS No. 51 on page 22.

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Reinhard Burkert

By Reinhard Burkert

Product Manager