Floor Distributor with Lots of Options


The modular floor distributor for POL infrastructures has a name: Venus FLA2-POL-32/16-SPL. The housing offers space for connecting 37 horizontally laid cables, five of which can be used as direct ports. The R&M distributor comes in three versions: for splice connections, for field-terminable connectors and for pre-terminated cabling solutions. Pre-installed pigtails simplify the connection of the splitter sub-rack.

R&M’s ODF splitter sub-rack is available as a 1U or 2U version. Maximum splitting: 2:16 or 2:32.

The dust caps of the splitter connections also hold the pigtail connectors in park position. This means the active and free ports can be identified at a glance at all times (concept of conscious port activation).

R&M’s floor distributors designed for POL not only make life easier for installers with their easy-to-understand quick mounting technology. Planners can be sure they are adhering to structured cabling guidelines. The modular principle of the R&M solutions makes it possible to seamlessly extend, integrate or adapt cabling for many years to come.


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Lars Züllig

By Lars Züllig