Field-Mountable Solution for 10 Gigabit

The newly developed FM45 Cat. 6A can be wired on site at construction sites in a few easy steps. No special tools are required for assembly. Insulation displacement contact by R&M and the easy-lock wiring concept simplify error-free assembly.

090.7429With the FM45 Cat. 6A, installers and users can make full-fledged Cat. 6A / Class EA channels in virtually every environment. The field-mountable FM45 Cat. 6A connector fulfills without restriction all requirements for network operation with 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

For example, 10G channels can be installed as bulkhead connections – also referred to as switch links. The installation fulfills the specifications of the ISO/IEC 24702 for data networks in industrial plants. Further areas of use are structured office and building cabling systems and sophisticated home networks.

R&M is supplying the new FM45 Cat. 6A with all the performance characteristics of the proven FM45 family. These include color coding, protection classes to IP67, and compatibility with off-the-shelf shielded and unshielded cables with diameters of up to 8 mm.

Read more information in the R&M FM45 brochure.

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Hermann Christen

By Hermann Christen

Product Manager