Solution for Smart Buildings and Switch Cabinets

Top hat rails are used as a universal solution for accommodating controllers, network connectors and other components of technical building services. Installers are increasingly also using top hat rails as a platform for the connection and distribution of local area networks (LAN), whether using RJ45 copper connectors or fiber-optic connectors.

Top hat rail solutions can save considerable space when installed in switch cabinets or distributor halls. In some cases they even do away with the need for additionally setting up 19’’ racks. The LAN cabling is then used for data networks in smart buildings or for creating industrial Ethernet systems.

The new slim-line top hat rail adapter DRM45 from R&M increases the packing density of Cat. 6A and/or FO adapters on 35 mm standard top hat rails. At a width of 18 mm, it corresponds to one horizontal pitch (1 HP). The modules can be clicked in and snapped out without the need for any tools.

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Bruno Ritter

By Bruno Ritter

Product Manager