New Benchmarks in Installation

050.5981It has not long been on the market but is already extremely popular: the new Cat. 6A EL module from R&M. Its Easy Lock technology facilitates the establishment of high-end connections in a revolutionary way. As a counterpart to the Cat. 6A ISO module, it is designed to fulfill the requirements of office cabling.

Alongside the Cat. 6A module which has been available since 2010 and is still considered the high-end module with the greatest performance reserves, the Cat. 6A EL module sets new standards in connectivity technology. The RJ45 socket with the designation Cat. 6A EL (“easy lock“) simplifies the installation of copper cabling for local data networks and supports broadband applications such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

It meets the component specifications in accordance with IEC 60603-7-41/-51 and is suitable for setting up permanent links and channels categorized as Class EA under ISO/IEC 11801. That makes R&M the only manufacturer capable of providing two full-fledged Cat. 6A modules which are tailored to suit specific user needs.

The Cat. 6A EL module has only two parts. It can be wired and mounted without special tools in a few easy steps. Cable ties are things of the past. With shielded twisted pair (STP) cabling the clamping ring also provides 360º shield termination because it wraps completely around the braided shield. This simplifies and accelerates installations considerably. You will find a description of the installation procedure in the R&M customer magazine Connections No. 47, page 13 (see download option right).

R&M is directing this new product at installers of structured cabling in offices, buildings, industry and homes who are looking for an efficient alternative. With the Cat. 6A EL module, installers can provide their customers with copper cabling of the highest performance level and guarantee broadband service complying with standards.

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Matthias Gerber

By Matthias Gerber

Market Manager LAN