Cat. 6A EL Connection Module at an Angle of 90Ρ

The introduction of the high-performance Cat. 6A generation in structured building cabling presents many installers with a challenge. There is little space for new installations in many offices and buildings. Cabling often has to be accommodated in narrow ducts and tight outlet boxes. For just such cases, R&M has developed an addition to the Cat. 6A EL connection module: the 90° access.

Fast retrofitting of the 90° angle for the RJ45 connection module is possible where necessary. Firstly, the clamping ring on the Cat. 6A EL standard module is removed. The second step is then the familiar wiring procedure. The 90° angle, which accommodates the cable, is inserted at the back and fixed with the integrated clamping ring.

Termination hardly takes any longer than with the standard module, which can be fitted in less than a minute. The efficient, easy and extremely fast handling of R&M’s Cat. 6A EL is delighting installers all over the world.

Kinks in copper cables often lead to a noticeable loss of performance with high-frequency data transmission. The 90° solution means this limitation is a thing of the past. R&M’s development ensures constantly stable data quality for use of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, even when installing in tight spaces.

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Matthias Gerber

By Matthias Gerber

Market Manager LAN