R&M: Smart Cities Need Smart Networks

Urbanization is progressing worldwide. By 2050 the urban population will account for 70 percent of the total according to UN forecasts. The trend toward urbanization urgently requires progressive solutions for environmental protection, energy efficiency, traffic and services. And every sensible technology that contributes to optimum living conditions in cities, efficient information processing, cooperative communal life and better communication and education is welcome.

In the towns of the future, broadband Internet connections are to become just as much a resource as electricity, water and clean air. The vision is this: Smart City — a learning, sustainable and thoroughly networked city. The more intelligent a city – including its houses, administrative entities, municipal utilities and companies – is networked, the more efficient the entire organism can be developed, controlled and regulated.

A decisive prerequisite is the right, sturdy ICT infrastructure. The Smart Cities Committee of the FTTH Council Europe stresses this: “A Smart City is based on a strong, reliable communication network. It is the foundation for applications and services.“

The FTTH Council believes communities should rely consistently on fiber optic cabling on their way to becoming Smart Cities. Fiber optic networks offer the most prospects for the future, the greatest performance and nearly inexhaustible potential.

Based on its own experience, R&M urges cities to keep several key principles and planning and evaluation criteria in mind anytime they discuss their communication and data networks or plan construction. In the customer magazine CONNECTIONS no. 47, R&M presented twelve essential criteria (see download offer). These include the

  • functionality050.5739
  • openness
  • convenience
  • security and
  • flexibility

of the cabling systems.

050.5740If cities follow this advice, they can avoid bad investments and lay suitable groundwork for becoming future-proof Smart Cities. In any case, experienced consultants and planners should be brought in.


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Sepp Tschümperlin

By Sepp Tschümperlin