Digitalization requires seamless connections

The current trend

This digital lifestyle and the trend of “always online” lead to users expecting there to be no hurdles between fixed line, LAN, mobile communication and WiFi infrastructures. Usage behavior is effectively demanding convergent, full-coverage, powerful and latency-free broadband at every street corner and in every building. Added to this there is a growing need for digital networking due to the rapid launch of the Internet of Things.

What that means for the networks
In spite of these prospects, it often happens that there is no permanent, non-interrupted Internet connection or stable bandwidth. There are not enough secure, interoperable plug-and-play solutions. IT architectures must soon be able to process billions of complex digital chains of events every year. There is a need for optimization not only in software and IT hardware, but also in mobile and physical connections. Hundreds or thousands of devices and applications have to be able to communicate with a LAN at the same time.

Recommendations for planning and installation
Parks Associates advises manufacturers, planners and installers to strictly observe common network standards and interoperability. McKinsey recommends a search be carried out for solutions which are as uncomplicated, flexible modular and interoperable as possible.

050.6305R&M sees the following as absolutely essential:

  • providing modular, flexible, convergent and sustainable top-quality installation solutions. They are easy to adapt to any building situation.
  • The wired infrastructure should be promoted as far as possible in buildings and the public sector. Radio systems alone cannot deliver everything required.
  • The passive infrastructure must offer the greatest possible reserves for signal transmission up to every outlet and each individual access point in order to be able to cope with future demands.
  • Sturdy, top-quality components are an essential basis for such installation solutions.
  • Clever quick mounting technologies ensure that the networks can run simply, intuitively and inexpensively without errors.

Future-proof modular system solutions such as R&Mfoxs and R&Mfreenet fulfill the requirements of the era of digitalization perfectly. They enable seamless connectivity.

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Dr. Peter Cristea

By Dr. Peter Cristea

Head of Corporate Technology & Innovation