Cat. 6A EL Module with an Optional Angle


To be able to offer further value added, the R&M development team has developed a 90° option for the Cat. 6A EL module. With its angled cable exit, the module is perfect for unusual installation situations and particularly narrow outlets, small floor tanks and tight conduits.

It is now simple to avoid manual bending of the cable inside the outlet or conduit.

The Cat. 6A EL module retains its full performance capacity when the 90° cable exit is used. The defined guidance of the twisted pairs at an angle ensures there is no loss of performance. This means the module is perfect for 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission in the 90° version, too.

The 90° entry is a separate accessory which can be assembled on every Cat. 6A EL standard module. The assembly process:

  1. Remove the clamping ring on the standard module.
  2. The module is wired in the standard way.
  3. Attach the 90° entry on the back.
  4. Close the clamping ring.

More information in the R&M Cat. 6A EL brochure.


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Matthias Gerber

By Matthias Gerber

Market Manager LAN